The Junior League of Boise offers 3 levels of Membership: Provisional Membership, Active Membership, and Sustainer Membership.  Below is a brief description of the different levels of Membership.  A full description and explanation will be provided when you attend your Orientation session.

Provisional Members (New Members)

Provisional Members are new members that join the Junior League of Boise.

The Junior League of Boise welcomes new members into our family twice per year. We are proud of our diversity, attracting women of differing racial, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds, who are committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Provisional members must meet requirements during their provisional year in the JLB in order to attain Active Member status. All requirements must be completed within the provisional year, which ends each May. We also hold a variety of optional, social events throughout the year to help you meet other members of the League. A Provisional Member is not a voting member of the JLB, but you are asked to provide us with your feedback and input on how we can continue to make our organization even more amazing!

Not yet a new member but interesting in joining? Click here for infomation.

In your Provisional year, you will be placed in a group of other new provisional members.  The Membership Committee will lead you through your provisional year, helping familiarize you with the League and its members, activities and purpose. You will meet as a group to support each other throughout your initial year, and the Membership Committee will check in on your progress.

Provisional Requirements and Commitments

Your provisional course will require a provisional group activity to support the JLB Fundraising and Community Committees during your Provisional year. In addition, throughout your Provisional year, you will participate in:

  • Community Service Projects
  • Training Sessions on the Junior League of Boise
  • Professional and/or Personal Development Events
  • Fundraising Activities or Events
  • Socials to Get Connected with Junior League of Boise Members
  • Provisional Retreat

Upon successful completion of your Provisional year, you will transition to Active Membership.  As an Active Junior League of Boise member, you will serve on one of many League committees.  We ask that you serve a minimum of 5 years as an Active member.

Active Member

Active Members are those women who, having successfully completed the New Member year and course, are now trained volunteers, working in the community, helping to raise and disburse funds back to the community or helping with internal functions and organization of the League.

Active Members are required to serve on one committee and have the opportunity to serve on a wide range of Junior League of Boise committees and projects. Additionally, they must attend general membership meetings and trainings which are designed to help develop their volunteer and leadership skills. Active members can vote and hold office.

Sustainer Member

Sustaining members have no requirements other than to pay annual dues of $81.00, due by May 31st each year. Sustainers are welcome to attend all General Meetings, Trainings and Volunteer Opportunities they wish.

Our Sustainers serve as mentors to the Provisional and Active members of the League, and are a valuable source of support and inspiration to the League as a whole. Many of our Sustainers started as volunteers in the Junior League and go on to serve as leaders in other charitable and non-profit organizations in the greater Boise community.