The Junior League of Boise offers 3 levels of Membership: Provisional, Active, and Sustainer. 

Provisional Members (New Members)

Provisionals are welcomed twice per year. Provisional members must meet requirements during their provisional year in the JLB in order to attain Active Member status. All requirements must be completed within the provisional year, which ends each May.

Provisional Requirements and Commitments:

  • Provisional dues
  • Community service project
  • Training sessions on the Junior League of Boise
  • Professional and/or personal development events
  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Socials to get connected with Junior League of Boise members
  • Volunteering activities

Upon successful completion of your Provisional year, you will transition to an Active member.

Interested in joining? Click here for infomation.

Active Member

Active members have completed the Provisional member requirements.

Active Requirements and Commitments:

  • Annual dues
  • Monthly meetings
  • Committee assignment
  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Socials
  • Volunteering activities

Sustainer Member

Sustainer members have meet the requirements to move from Active to Sustainer. There are no requirements other than to pay annual dues. Sustainers are welcome to attend all general meetings, trainings, and volunteer opportunities they wish.