January 2018 Update

Did you know…

Like many of you heard in my speech at the Holiday Party…we have done a lot already this League year. You all continue to amaze me on what you can do and accomplish!

However, there is one project we have done that I really believe most members did not know we participated in. Did you know we helped with the Hawthorne Elementary Idaho Native Plant Learning Landscape & Teaching Garden? Well we did that too!

I and members of the Community Team coordinated with the school to make sure that their garden beds were filled with soil. In addition, we were also able to fill their beds with Native plants. Because of scheduling issues, we were unable to bring volunteers to help plant and fill the beds, but both Amanda Smith and I were able to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for the garden. We were able to talk with community leaders, nursery owners who helped us with the plants, and other community members that were interested in brining gardens to their schools.

Even though we are winding down on our school garden projects, I am still very proud of the Junior League of Boise’s impact with this STEM project.  Below is an article on the garden and video with the garden’s designer about this project to learn more.


Junior League Fall Leadership Conference

Michelle Wooten

To everyone out there who’s on the fence about getting a minivan, I encourage you to take a ride in MaryAnna Peavey’s sweet ride. We rolled up to AJLI’s Fall Leadership conference (#jlfl17 for those who hashtag) in comfort and style, and excited to learn new concepts and ideas to bring home to Boise. I’ve included some hyperlinks in my summary, which I hope you’ll take a few minutes to enjoy because experiencing something is always more fun than reading about it!

We are lucky that this year’s conference was held in Salt Lake City, so we were able to take six women from our League. Please, next time you see us, ask us about our trip!

  • MaryAnna Peavey (President);
  • Michelle Ross (President-Elect);
  • Rachel Chipman (Board Director);
  • Michelle Wooten (Board Director);
  • Amanda Smith (Community Impact Team Lead); and
  • Tressa Penrod-Kaiser (Communications team and Art Liaison for 90th Anniversary)

We’ve all come back to you inspired and excited, with so many ideas and revelations that we can’t wait to turn into positive action! Here are some general highlights from our experience:

  • We were welcomed by a moving performance by the One Voice children’s choir (listen to my favorites “Glorious” and “When You Believe”)
  • We heard from a panel of Leagues including JL Houston, JL Mexico City, and JL Las Vegas, among others. They told us how, in true Junior League spirit, they immediately mobilized to help their communities in times of crisis and disaster. JL Mexico City, for example, has established a year-round donation acceptance center to serve their community.
  • Women’s empowerment speaker and general badass (can I say badass?) Carine Clark taught us about being a “peaceful warrior” (watch her TedTalk about abundance here – I promise it’s worth the few minutes!).
  • We attended many different breakout sessions that we’re excited to tell you more about in the November meeting, including: how to actively strive for diversity and inclusion; public speaking; body language; how to be an effective board for a small league; how to mine data; encouraging member engagement; and too many others to list here.
  • The conference wrapped up with presentations from Leagues presented with awards at last year’s AJLI Annual Conference. JL Birmingham presented on their revamped recruitment strategies; JL Orange County on their high school academy for local foster youths; JL Wilmington on lobbying Delaware to pass Erin’s Law; and JL Tulsa for their partnered work to create the Take 2 Café for women coming out of incarceration.

Overall, we had a great time learning more about what other Leagues are doing, and about each other. We felt really proud of the impact being done by all Leagues, and had special moments when our JL Boise experience was a resource to help others.

If you’re interested in seeing presentations from the general sessions, AJLI will be posting those to YouTube in the coming months.


September Update

September 27, 2017

It is September and the League Year is in full swing!

The League Year started off with a two-day Board retreat in June, followed by a June Kick-Off Meeting. To kick off our 90th year, we had a panel of past presidents come to speak to our members. We had Marilyn Fordham, Lindy High, LeAnn Mohr, Debra Purdy, and Molly Blackaby-Harder. These women told stories, gave insight and advice, and then Lindy ended the panel with a song. They truly represented the LEGACY of the Junior League of Boise.

In just these last 4 months these are just some things that our teams have been doing:

Nominations Team- They reviewed and selected four JLB members to join the President and President-Elect at AJLI Fall Conference in Salt Lake City in October. The team is also preparing for nominations of 2018-19 Board and Nominations Team.

Communication Team- The team has greatly increased our social media presence by setting up Instagram and Twitter accounts (make sure to follow them both!). They have also been busy working on improving the JLB website–from making sure the current calendar is up to date and working well to creating a members-only section for league use. They were also instrumental in creating a great social media campaign for the Touch- A-Truck event.  And their work is not done…you will be seeing their bi-annual report out soon.

Development Team- They have worked on two grants for the JLB to try to bring in $$ for our JLB Historical research and archiving for our 90th Anniversary. They also assisted with our very successful Touch-A-Truck event.  The Development Team has been looking for new ways to kick off the Annual Fund Campaign, and they have done it! The Development Team wanted to find a fun(d) way to bring awareness to the Annual Fund and to have some great bonding time with each other. So…plan to join them on October 5th at the CycleBar at the Village in Meridian. Cost per rider will be $25.00 with a majority of the funds going back to the JLB!! So excited!

Membership Team- This team has been making a mark as well. This team organized a Wine Social in August at the Telaya Winery in Garden City. They also recruited 9 Provisionals for the Fall class with training under way. The Provisionals have already had a chance to learn about the JLB organization and our history. They will be participating in Strength Finders training at the September General Meeting with active members. The Membership Team is also continuing their recruiting efforts at upcoming events for Idaho Power employees and at the Cecil Andrus Women and Leadership Conference. These events usually have over 1000 people in attendance each year.

Touch-A-Truck Ad-Hoc Team- This team ran another success TAT event. This event again drew over 6,000 people and raised over $10,000 for the JLB. The response from the community has been fantastic. Many people just said they would see us again next year and that they love this event. Nearly all our vendors said they plan to join us again next year and we have already had a few new companies approach us saying they want to get involved. This event is going to continue to bring light to the work of the JLB!!! Attached is a video on Facebook by a local radio station showing what the event looks like.


90th Ad-Hoc Committee – This has been an absolute eye-opening committee to work with. The women have decided to use the theme that “JLB volunteers are a work of Art.” The event is set for May 12th on the top floor at the JUMP building. With this event, we plan to promote the JLB and the Legacy of our work in the Treasure Valley.   We are doing this in two ways:

  1. Our JLB member, HannaLore Hein, is a historian and is leading a team of ladies to archive our historical material. In addition, the team is doing research on articles and information written in, for, and about the JLB over the last 90 years and working to archive that information. The team is also being trained by the City of Boise’s Department of History on how to record oral histories. The team will be starting in the next month to interview members of the JLB. The team will then present the information found, starting in January 2018, through a variety of means. The team is also looking to do a big reveal at the 90th Anniversary event on May 12th. The Board is starting a RFP process to hire consultants to help us market this information.
  2. The second half of the committee is the Art Team. Art has always been a focus of the JLB and making sure we bring awareness of the importance of Art in education and to communities. The Team is looking to partner with local artists to commission artwork specifically for the JLB that highlights our impact in the community. These commission pieces will be posted for display during the first week of May at the City of Boise Main Public Library. The work will be displayed along with information and history about the JLB. The artwork pieces will then be auctioned at the 90th Anniversary event. Because we realize artists do need to live off of their work, they will receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale. Stay tuned: all the artists will be revealed soon!! (No lie—this group of artists are amazing and we so excited about participation with the JLB!)

Board – The Board has finalized the Values of the JLB statement. Values help define how we make decisions and the overall ideals and ethics of the JLB. These Values will be posted in our updated Annual Manual and soon our website. A synopsis:

  • Leadership: We develop servant leaders who encourage others, value diverse opinions and inspire a culture of trust throughout the Junior League of Boise.
  • Empower: We depend on our members to use their talents to achieve the goals of the Junior League of Boise, resulting in positive impact within our community and enhancing the members’ experience by developing their sense of pride, personal growth and accomplishment.
  • Service: We are committed to service through voluntarism in pursuit of shared community goals leaving a lasting impact.
  • Collaboration: Community partnerships are valued and leveraged to create a long-standing and meaningful impact.
  • Community: We come together as a league of women committed to improving ourselves, each other and the Treasure Valley.